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About company Qwill


Jewellery Watches have always been considered an accessory that emphasizes the prosperity, stability and status of the owner, thereby needing the product to possess a classic style and the requirement to live forever.
However the world is changing; it is dynamic, constantly expanding the borders of possibility.

QWILL – The first state of the art brand jewelry designer watches targeting a wide modern audience of stylish, active and dynamic people who follow fashion trends and are seeking to build and maintain their own unique style to emphasize their striking individuality.

QWILL – A new way to express your feelings: elegantly, emotionally, provocatively, seductively...

The adventure begins

In 2009 the precious metals market saw major changes - prices were rapidly growing thus alienating buyers from the opportunity to become owners of jewelry watches. Most watch companies, aware of this trend, became more practical and began using inexpensive materials in their products. Russian watch factory "Nika" chose a different path. With certain skills and technological capabilities, the factory craftsman developed an innovative production method of watch cases which in 2010 allowed the company to open a new segment of jewelry watches for the entire industry. That however was only the beginning...
In a rapidly developing world where places, events, gadgets, fashion trends, styles, colors and textures change with tremendous speed, increasingly there has been a need for a new product - jewelry watches that would meet all the demands of the inhabitants of metropolises and that can keep up with the demands of their dynamic owners.

The objective of our craftsmen at the watch factory of "Nika" was the development of watch-transformers, the first jewelry watches that are up to date and contemporary at all times.
In 2012 having a package of patents and unique developments in the field of watchmaking which rightly deserved to have their own name, the founders of Nika Group made a decision about the creation of a new brand of jewelry watches.

The birth of a new star

The choice of a name for the new brand was a challenge for the team of creators considered thoroughly because it had to carry a certain promise: Firstly to be memorable, light and airy, like a sip of cool water on a hot day, a bunch of balloons reaching to the sky or a bouquet of delicate peonies from a loved one... Secondly, it was important to be written in the Latin script as the brand will be presented not only in Russia but also on the global market. And thirdly, the chosen name was to reflect the most basic principles of manufacturing production. So, the title chosen was the letter Q representing the quality of our range. And then continuing with the word ‘WILL’, which means strength, the will to succeed no matter the obstacle.

In other words QWILL is the teams desire to build a revolutionary brand in the world arena representing the core principals of the Nika brand.
In the autumn of 2013 at the International Jewelry Exhibition JUNWEX in Moscow Nika Group introduced their new line of watches under the brand name QWILL. The rapid formation of the brand was a response to the needs of our time where now more than ever to be up to date, mobile and flexible, a whole new format of jewelry watches is vital. QWILL - Adventures continue...

QWILL. Adventures continue...