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Избранное пусто

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The seller guarantees the correct work of products only if the requirements described in the manual are followed by consumer.

  • The warranty period is 24 months and is calculated from the date of sale of watches through the retailer.
  • The warranty is considered valid if there is properly filled warranty card, indicating the date of sale article, the individual number of watches and the presence of the stamp of trading organization.
  • Warranty repair is carried out in specialized workshops of manufacturer.
    Attention! Addresses of guarantee workshops are subject to change.
  • Preventive cleaning and lubrication of the mechanism are not included in the warranty.

During the period of the guarantee if the conditions referred to above are met, free repair is considered in the following cases:

  • There was a watch stop, not related to the expenditure of battery life;
  • Accuracy does not meet the technical specifications indicated in the passport of a watch;
  • Calendar date is not transferred or transferred offset numbers in the window of the calendar date.