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Корзина пустая

Избранное пусто
Dear buyer!

We congratulate you with purchase of a jewelry watch of brand QWILL trademark. You purchased jewel which will allow looking stylishly and also to be in time always and everywhere. We are sure that you will measure all advantages of a new accessory, and we hope that these watches will serve you for a long!

  • Attentively read the description of watches and the control directive and adjustment of the mechanism specified on a label.
  • Don’t keep watches under direct sunshine or in places with low/high temperature (lower than 0th ° and higher than 45 °).
    It can influence course accuracy.
  • In the same way impact of strong magnetic field affects work of watches.
    Don't leave them for a long time near sources of household magnetic radiation (a microwave, loudspeakers, the mobile phone, etc.).
  • Don't keep watches in places where can be contact with chemicals or their evaporations is possible (gasoline, solvent, a varnish, cosmetic medicines washing liquids, glue, etc.).
  • The case of the capsule prevents penetration of moisture from splashes when washing hands. If watches have the raised extent of water protection, then it is specified on a cover of watches.
  • If watch’s glass misted over or there are bases to believe that water is inside , it is necessary to carry as soon as possible them in service center.
  • For the quartz watch there is possibility of a stop of the course to purpose of providing the minimum discharge of a battery. If you don't use watches for a long time, it is necessary to stop the course of watches, having moved a translated head to an extreme right provision.

Attention! In watch with the Ronda 1032 mechanism long stay of a translated head in an extreme right provision will lead to increase in power consumption by 7 times.

  • The excessive effort when you turn a turned head leads to breakdown of the mechanism of watches and a turned shaft.
  • The quartz watch requires maintenance of times in 3 years.