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Cannes Lions, Moscow Party

May 6, 2016

4th June. Moscow. Royal Bar. Sensation which you can’t miss. With the support of the Moscow Government.

A few days before the main event took place in the world creative business – the opening of the Cannes Lions festival in France, presentation and a grand action will take place in Moscow – “a big advertising day in Moscow” – Cannes Lions Moscow Party.

This year, Qwill brand became the official watch partner of the arrangement. And we are hurrying up to share the news with you!

The advertisement world is leaving from Cannes to Cannes. For 7 days in a year the enthusiastic voices on the Cannes Lions are not calming down, the air is full of oeuvre and the sounds of the Champaign glasses can be heard. Each one, who had a good fortune to visit a festival, for sure, have heard of an impressive scope of parties in Cannes, and gratify oneself that the Cannes Lions have way back stopped being a festival “just for the advertisers”. Scientists and futurologists, the owners of the Novel premium and athletes, writers and the world’s media people are coming first to see the masterpiece of the advertisement. In a present day, the advertisement – is what really marvels and unites people.

We and our partners and colleagues believe that seven days in a year are not enough in order to fully enjoy all the features of the festival. That's why we have decided to hold a unique action in Moscow to represent the upcoming advertising of the festival, Cannes Lions. The project is unique, because for the first time before opening a festival in France, which starts on the 18th of June, we and our partners from Leo Burnett Moscow, as a part of their annual project (Cannes forecast) will be able to show the wider community on the 4th of June a selection of advertising companies, winners of the Cannes Lions this year! And everyone who is coming on that day for the event, could participate in voting for the works, which in their opinion, could get the most of «Lions». When the results of the festival will be known, the one whose forecast will be closer to the voting results of the jury Cannes Lions, will get a prize – free accreditation for Cannes Lions’2017 from Leo Burnett Moscow and Cannes Lions representation in Russia! Henry Hepworth will perform as a guarantee, the director of the delegates and representatives of the festival groups “Lions Festivals” which will especially be on the Cannes Lions Moscow Party. If there are more people who have guessed, there will be a draw, the result of which will show who is “the owner of the prize” – says the official Representative of the WAC (World Art Culture) Cannes Lions Russia, Vladimir Evstafiev.

All the professionals of Russia are meeting on the 4th of June at the Royal Bar on the delightful beach with perfectly white sand, where you can fully be tuned on the Mediterranean coast wave. Here you can meet your old friends or make new ones, participate in a beach volleyball and mini-football, have a yoga activities and CrossFit with professional trainers. Hear or discuss the presentations of the specially invited foreign speaker and the jurors of the festivals, who are representing Russia in Cannes.

A feast will be remembered by all of the guests not only as one of the most stylish events, but the social action – well-known guests planting the young trees (singers and athletes, designers and photographers) and the participants of the Cannes Lions Moscow Party project, giving them their own names and the name of their company. This alley can be called – “The alley of the creative glory”.

The breathtaking party will take place at the end of the big originative day, seasoned in the best traditions of the Cannes Lions, where only because of the Russian creators, the tradition to arrange the magnificent celebration have appeared. Under the starry Moscow sky, the guests are sharing their impressions and the forecasts for the festival, enjoying the drinks and food, relaxing under the catchy tunes of the music cover band We can band and performance of a charming Angelica Frolova – the member of the “Voice” project and ComedyWoman- a special guest at the Cannes Lions Moscow Party, and, of course, the Dj’s –party!