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Flampers visiting WillQwill

May 31, 2016

Not long ago, we had some very nice and friendly visitors of flampers – people, which are united by the interest to everything new and the desire to share experience with the readers. This time they visit our watch factory. Under the guidance of our employees, flampers had an opportunity to explore the secret of such an accessory as watches. We have started this fascinating journey with the gold bar, at the end of our path, we showed up at the assembly shop, where our guests had a chance to create a watch-case with their hands! During the time of our excursion, we have talked about our technology and showed all the steps of our production, starting with the pouring and stamping the details of precious metals and before painting the clock face.

During the coffee break, we have told more about our magic watches – transformers, which are able to instantly change their look depending on your mood. And also our guests had told us about their impressions.