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Choose watch as present for man and woman

December 6, 2016

Photo - gift for women

To present the jewelry watch is a sign of good form, the special attitude towards the person and confirmation of his status. The chronometer is in expensive case, elegant and reliable - such gift for the man will be surely appreciated.

One of the best presents for any occasion is watch with gold and silver decorated case, swiss mechanism in the capsule, which protects against the ingress of dust or moisture. QWILL is brand of modern and not so expensive for the price of watches. Today, products of this brand you can buy in the best jewelry and watch boutiques and showrooms, as well as in our online store.


Men wear watches to show their sign of status and success. That’s why it is the best gift to the man on whom you want to pay attention, to confirm the seriousness of intentions. You can also present good watch in expensive case to your boss or teacher, your doctor or a colleague at work. Such a present will be correctly perceived and accepted with gratitude.

Selection of watches depends on how well you know person for whom you present a gift. If you don’t have enough information it is better to select the universal model. But at the same time, choosing a gift for a man, pay attention to:

– which watch does he wear now;

– if he changes watches, coming to work, a business meeting, a party;

– how often does he check time ;

–does he pay attention to brand and design of colleges’ or friends’ watches, does he go to watch shop;

– does he have wide or narrow wrist bone (to select the design of watches and the width of the strap is very important).

Always price of jewelry watches is rather high. After 2009 prices of gold grew up and this fact started to flue on cost of golden jewelries and precious watches. QWILL created quite price - jewelry, giving them double protection: a gold, silver or bimetallic cover and stainless steel. We have real tangible benefits of presents for man: Swiss mechanism and guarantee for two years. Sure he will appreciate it.


It is more difficult to choose watches as woman’s presents. You should pay attention to her style of dress, habits and lifestyle. QWILL cared about diversity, our team created a collection of watches and fashion accessories to help woman to accent individuality of her new accessory. That’s why to get watches as a gift for the woman of the brand of the company is a big opportunity to pick up a few fashionable pendant as make up.

For woman good and expensive watch –is a fashionable accessory. It can be granted in a situation when jewelry can be misinterpreted. As well as for the man, the choice of specific model, band and accessories depends on that, how well you know person for whom you will present a product. Classical universal model is the best option for the chief or the colleague, the partner in business, because you are connected by only business relations.

As well as any gold jewelry, watches for the woman have to suit your clothes, a handbag, shoes, and also to accent your look.

Universal option for a women jewelry watch is:

–round silver case;

– classical design of the dial (white or black, without retrograde dial);

– dial with divisions (figures not large, well distinguishable);

– leather white, beige or black band in one turn.

You can order such gift for the woman in QWILL online store. You will find a watch from silver and gold in the catalog, with the bimetallic case, various form, color and design of dials, the different size of an ear for a band, with incrustation by cubic zirconia and without them. And unusual accessories for watches will not make any woman indifferent.