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Jewelries for fashion accessory

December 1, 2016

Jewelries for fashion accessory

A watch in a precious case is an accessory which is just as important as a bag, a bracelet, a ring, earrings or necklaces. With these accessories, she emphasizes her individuality. With this in mind, the makers of watches for women QWILL developed a special collection of jewelery watches-transformers willQwill. The three main components:a watch, makeup (mount) and a dress (band) to help owners of such products significantly enhance the ability to give the wrist watch the individuality and uniqueness.


To emphasize your style, you need only to:

– select a watch in a silver or a golden case;

– select a band made of satin or leather;

– attach a makeup Quill;

– decorate it with a jewelry pendant (silver to silver),

Each pendant has its unique design, made with high quality and relevant to your watch. In this case, you can always choose a combination of your own.

Our online shop contains a large number of bonds and makeup pendants. You can find there a capital letter of your name, crosses, hearts, flowers, stars, butterflies, bees, snowflakes, dolphins, funny bears, delicate silver garlands of silver and colored cubic zirconia crystals, tiaras, bows, necklaces, crowns and a sling. All this is represented in six different collections.

It is difficult to count how many options you can create, if you buy online our watch, two or three bands and makeup-bands and four or five ornaments. Mesh Collection - silver, pearl white clock face, body encrusted with cubic zirconia, soft dark purple, almost purple leather strap, makeup necklace in the form of peas, hearts, bands with crystals and many other options are waiting for you.It’s up to you how to decorate your watch.