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Which accessories should we wear in this autumn?

July 6, 2015

It is a bit sad to recognize that autumn will start after few days. But it also means that this the time for preparing to new fashion season and stylists of brand Qwill will help you with it.

Every year university of color Pantone declare the most fashionable shades for next season: "pink quartz" and "blue serenity” are ruling of the show this time. With help of these gentle, pastel colors every your look will seem air, and you will feel yourself like a real princess! If we will talk about trends in colors in this autumn we should mention lilac – the atypical choice for legislators of fashion as always with the onset of cold weather give preference to dark tones more. Also the bright and attractive fuchsia forced an entrance of podiums so the real fashion girls will not be without attention on this season.

Another trend which can't be ignored has returned to us from 90s years. Like one big team the main fashion women of planet putted on choker – short necklaces which fit a neck tightly. Now both fashionable giants like Dior, and massmarkets as Forever 21 produce chokers - every girl will find to herself suitable! Chokers – it is very simple and beautiful, by the way it can easily be created with help of a tape or a double band of watches willQwill and beautiful mascots of Qwill. 

Season autumn/winter 2016/17 is real paradise for girls! Podiums have been fallen for cheerful prints like bows, butterflies, hearts and florets. Now these cheerful and so cute symbols surely lodged on accessories and clothes, flaunt on them in all coloring, materials and forms. Why we can’t support such lovely trend? It isn't that necessary now to choose which one from bracelets to put on – in this season you can wear all of them and it will be more fashionably! They can be absolutely different or can look the same, you shouldn’t have any rules except one – you should like one! As alternative bracelets you can choose long bands of the most topical colors and to fix them on a hand in several turnovers.

This trend will be ideal for girls-rebels  - Alexander Wang easy offered punks to a podium. In this season chains, buckles, ear rings in the form of pins will be considered as chic … However even such shouting and "heavy" fashionable trends can be given from quiet and cute part, for example to wear them on watches.